Dome Hives

The dome hive consists of 101 separate pieces of kiln dried pine assembled into a top dome, a bottom dome and a central ring.  Inside there are 10 top bars for comb and 2 for ventilation.

External dimenstions : diameter 70cm height 65cm


Internal volume : 45 litres


Weight : 10.1 kg


Number of bars : 10 plus 2 for ventilation

Wood : plantation grown radiata pine

            plantation grown paulownia


Glue : Titebond III

           - food safe, waterproof, non-toxic


Finish : raw linseed and beeswax

            - beeswax from non-chemically managed hives.



Hanging Dome Hive central

To find out more about the components of the Dome Hive click here.

Ventilation is created through the hive from the entrance at the bottom, through the ventilation bars, into the air gap between the bars and the lid, then out of the ventilation dome at the top.  This draw of air allows the bees to maintain moisture and temperature levels.

To find out more about the ventilation of the Dome Hive click here.

Ventilation dome small

The dome hive can be hung from its central ring, or placed on stakes in the ground.  Once the central ring is in place it is easy to assemble the rest of the hive.

Setting up