Dome Hives

Dome Hives combine many features of the Sun Hive, developed by the German sculptor, Guenther Mancke, with aspects of the Kenyan Top Bar Hive.  This combination of features, including design aspects unique to the Dome Hive, make it functional and easy to manage.

Hanging Dome Hive 6

The Sun Hive  (Weissenseifener Haengekorb)


“Based on the principles of bee-centred apiculture, the Sun Hive is an ideal conservation hive for our pollinating friends the honeybee. Although one may be favoured with some suplus honey from time to time, honey 'production' is not the main purpose of the hive.

The hive was designed by German sculptor, Guenther Mancke, and represents the fruits of many years of research into the nature of the honeybee colony.”

Hanging Dome Hive vertical Hanging Dome Hive central The top bars of the hive Ventilation dome small Nick and Dome Hive Sunhive

Kenyan Top Bar Hive


As the name suggests, Top bar hives have bars from which the bees build their comb. Using a top bar in place of a four-sided frame promotes bee health. Honey bees cling to each other in the natural angle that will form their wax comb. Eliminating the obstruction of a frame bottom allows the honey bees to work more efficiently; and efficiency is key when it comes to survival of the hive!

There is huge amount of information on the internet about the Top Bar Hive.  A good starting place would be :