Dome Hives

The ring placed on three stakes in the ground.  Make sure your stakes are strong and stable.  Remember that the full hive could weigh up to 20kgs.


This places the hive within easy reach for inspection, however bees naturally prefer a higher setting.

Setting up your Dome Hive

Your Dome Hive can either be hung from a tree or a building, or placed on stakes in the ground.  In all cases, the central ring is the supporting structure, and is made secure before fitting any other parts to the bee hive.  The three arms of the ring need to be attached separately - either on three stakes, or from three separate ropes.  These ropes need to be tied off to different positions to ensure the stability of the hive during strong wind.  

Ring placed on stakes.

Placing the bars on the central ring.


There are two sets of 6 bars, numbered 1 to 6.  The number is found  on one side of the bar on the right hand edge.  Number 1 is the ventilation bar.  This is placed in first, at any position on the central ring.  Then place a number 2 bar next to it.  The numbers will always be on the right hand edge.  Work your way up to number 6.  The next bar is a 6, however, it needs to be turned around so that the 6 faces back towards the other bars in place (ie on the left hand edge).  Now work backwards through the numbers until you have placed number 1 - the ventilation bar in place.  Most of the bars will not fit in back to front.  However, the number 6 bars - the central two, will.  Check that your bars form a smooth dome.  If there is a marked ridge you may have the number 6 bars back to front.

Placing the bars on the ring 11.

All the bars in place, forming a smooth dome.

Clip holding the base on. The top dome in place. The bottom dome in place.

Clip the base on, using the swivel clip under the arms.


Make sure that the foot cone is spun open.

The top dome is placed over the bars, with the attachment pegs lined up.  Use string or rubber bands around the pegs to increase stability in strong weather.

The clip under the arm of the central ring.  It swivels, locking into place on the base.