Dome Hives

Hanging Dome Hive central

The dome lid is made of 42 pieces of  pine glued together to form one piece.  This is oversize so that water is shed away from the rest of the structure.

The lid has a ventilation dome at the top attached by a wooden screw thread.  This can be spun to allow more air flow in summer and less in winter.

The lid also has a set of pegs, matched to a set in the central ring, enabling the lid to be tied down.

Central ring - the top dome sits on it, the bottom dome clips onto it and the bars rest on it.

The base is made from 38 pieces of pine, glued together to form one structure.  It is clipped onto the central ring by swivel clips placed under the ring's arms.

This is the bee's entrance to the

hive.  The landing cone is attached

by a wooden thread to the base and

can be spun open or closed,

depending on  seasonal requirements.

Ventilation bars

Central ring

central ring The top bars of the hive


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