Dome Hives

Why are Dome Hives special?

The Dome Hive has been built to provide the benefits of a top bar hive to the bee-centric shape of a sun hive.  

It provides an ideal bee environment suited to the extremes of the Australian climate.

It is easy to assemble, easy to handle and easy to inspect.  


... and they look just amazing ...

Hanging Dome Hive vertical

The rounded shape of this hive promotes a healthy and strong bee colony.  The queen has access to all areas of the hive.

Its Shape

The curved top bars form a complete dome. This provides extra insulation from weather extremes.  Their special profile and shape promotes strong attachment of the comb.  

Its Curved Top Bars

The solid wood dome has a threaded top piece allowing you to open and close the ventilation depending on the season.

Its Dome

The  entrance cone can be opened wide for the summer or closed down for the winter. Fully closing the hive makes it transportable.

Its Entrance Cone

The central ring has been designied for strength and stability of the hive.  It is easy to assemble and sheds water away from key areas, so extending the life of the Dome Hive.

Its Central Ring